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500kW Boiler Body

Ferroli Pressurised Steel Boiler

3 Flue gas pass with flame reversal in the combustion chamber.
– Heat exchanger designed for optimum ratio between the combustion volumes and the heat exchange surfaces
– Long life materials used in the construction
– Efficient turbulator improves heat exchange of the flue gas and lowers the pressure drop
– Tube bundle positioned above the combustion chamber ensuring flue gas is discharged into a hot environment preventing condensation forming
– Steel body lined with 80mm layer of glass wool, in turn covered by a layer of tearproof material

Specification Calculators
ModelPrextherm RSW525
Heat Output (min)341 kW
Heat Output (max)525 kW
Heat Input (min)417 kW
Heat Input (max)567 kW
Water Content405 dm³
Efficiency at Pn Max92.50%
Efficiency at Pn Min93.55%
Efficiency at 30% Pn Max94.15%
Max Operating Pressure6 bar
Pressure Drop Water Side (Δt 10°C)40 Δt mbar
Pressure Drop Water Side (Δt 20°C)12 Δt mbar
Pressure Drop Flue Gas Side4.3 Δt mbar
Flue Gas Flow-Rate Max (gas)586 kg/h
Flue Gas Flow-Rate Max (light oil)909 kg/h
System Flow80 DN
System Return80 DN
Safety Pipe Connection1½ DN
Boiler Drain¾ DN
Flues Stack250 Ømm
Net Empty Weight1250 kg
Dimensions (W x L x H)1060 x 1838 x 1346mm

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