World Famous Art Protected by All Seasons Hire

A major art college in London recently celebrated a milestone in its existence.

To mark its 175th birthday the college organized an exhibition of works by current pupils and alumni. The alumni was made up of some exclusive company with artists such as Henry Moore, Damien Hirst & Tracey Emin. Art created by many other eminent British artists was also featured in the exhibition.

Several pieces of artwork were also loaned from the Tate Britain & Modern Galleries in London. Due to the extremely precious and delicate nature of many of the older pieces of work they had to be kept in specific environments.

One very important aspect of correct painting exhibition is the atmospheric humidity level. If the humidity is too high mould can begin to grow on the paper or canvas used to paint on, irreversibly damaging the painting.

High humidity and heat can also accelerate the rate at which damaging chemical reactions breakdown materials. This can lead to flaking or staining of paintings. In addition to this, rapid changes in temperature can lead to contraction and expansion of materials. This can often result in damage to paintings.

coolbreeze 25b for art gallery humidity control blog postAll Seasons Hire were contacted by the college to provide a bespoke environmental control solution for the exhibition. To comply with the Tate’s guidelines the college had to ensure they could provide a constant temperature and humidity level.

In response to the college’s demands All Seasons Hire provided a complete set up. This included chillers, air handlers, air conditioners and evaporative coolers. The equipment was provided after thorough research into the environmental requirements and an in depth site survey. This allowed the college to demonstrate to the Tate that they could fully control temperature and humidity. Most importantly this showed they could respond to any eventuality and ensure the paintings protection.

This job demonstrated All Seasons Hire’s ability to ensure ‘business as usual’ for a slightly unusual application. It is also an example of how we can provide a complete solution comprising many different aspects of the HVAC sphere. For more information on how we can help with your HVAC requirements give us a call on 0800 082 8001 or send an email to

Written by Ryan Hill

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