All Seasons Hire Provide Temporary Heating to Leisure Centre

All Seasons Hire responded to an urgent requirement from a National Facilities Management Company that managed a popular swimming pool in a major city centre. The site had suffered a component failure within its boiler system and urgently needed a temporary solution whilst the boiler was being repaired.

Our Area Sales Manager arrived at the Leisure Centre the same day and conducted a full site survey along with the FM and Leisure Centre Manager. The main concern from the client was keeping the pool area at a comfortable temperature for the public but more importantly, (for health and safety reasons), the air temperature had to be 1°c higher than the pool temperature otherwise the pool area would steam up and have to close until it cleared.

The area was measured and surveyed and the heat required was calculated at 180kw at 29°c constant temperature. In order to achieve this All Seasons Hire supplied a 200kw IDF heater along with a long range fuel tank, ducting and ancillary equipment. The heater and tank sat outside the building next to the pool area and the hot air was ducted in through the building and distributed around the pool area without any disruption to the swimmers.

As a result of All Seasons Hires quick response and knowledge of temporary heating solutions we enabled the pool to stay open and keep the pool area warm without steaming up the building, much to the delight of the Leisure Centre Manager and the public swimmers.

New Heater Pic 2

If you have any requirement for temporary heating please contact us and we’ll arrange a free site survey.

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