Temporary Boiler Systems for Hotels

Temporary Boiler Systems for Hotels

Hotels cannot afford to go for any prolonged period without heating and hot water, with guest satisfaction as a top priority. All Seasons Hire are able to provide a solution in an Emergency or for Planned Maintenance. Utilising a Temporary Boiler system means that all the Hotels services can run as normal including; Heating, Spas & Swimming Pools, Kitchens and full running Hot Water.

In order to keep any downtime of Heating and Hot Water to a minimum All Seasons Hire are able to carry out a site survey and put in place a contingency plan for an Emergency Boiler System in the case of Boiler Breakdown. Having a plan laying out the Heating capacity needed for an Emergency Boiler System can substantially cut down the amount of time it takes to restore Heating and Hot Water for the Hotels guests. If prior plans are put in place then All Seasons Temporary Boilers can be quickly and easily connected to the Hotels existing Heating and Hot Water systems.

All Seasons extensive Temporary Boiler range is available either as Packaged units or Mobile Trailerised units ranging from 100Kw to 550Kw and above, on all Boiler units fuel options are either Natural Gas or Diesel Oil. If only a low duty is needed there is also a 22Kw Electric Portable Boiler option.

The modern range of Temporary Boilers in the All Seasons Hire fleet are able to provide both Heating and Hot Water from a single energy efficient unit. Regular services to all the Boilers in the fleet ensure that they remain extremely reliable, especially important for Hotels where any extended Boiler downtime can seriously affects guest satisfaction.

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