Temperatures Set To Soar Through Second Half Of May, Setting The Scene For The Hottest Summer In Years!

Forecasters say temperatures will rise through the second half of May reaching 30C (86F), and will set the scene for the hottest summer in decades, with heatwave upon heatwave through June and July.

Many sources agree that the summer of 2016 could be the hottest in 40 years with record temperatures expected. This will obviously be great news for revelers enjoying the Queens 90th Birthday Parade in June, Glastonbury, Wimbledon and the School holidays. However this can also be hell for those who work in homes, offices and building with poor and inefficient air conditioning.

Should you be in this position or your usually reliable A/C breakdown, look no further All Seasons Hire have the very latest and comprehensive range of Air Conditioning units available for temporary hire in the market today.

We offer complete cooling solutions with fast nationwide delivery and installation. Our range includes air conditioning units for hire from 3.5kW up to 10.25kW and can be split into 3 distinct types, Exhaust Tube Air Conditioners, Split Type Air Conditioners and Evaporative Coolers.

Coolair 14 finishedExhaust Tube Air Conditioners

This style of portable air con unit offers the simplest way of adding temporary air conditioning to a wide variety of spaces. These units are versatile with a power range between 4.1kw and 10.25kw making them ideal for most requirements. They can also be scaled to provide a larger cooling capacity.

Installation of exhaust tube air conditioners is extremely simple. It involves plugging into a power socket, aiming the heat duct either out of a window or into a ceiling void and switching the unit on. These machines represent ease of use and effective cooling for you making them perfect for emergency air conditioning rental.

Pac 25B finishedSplit Type Portable Air Conditioners 

These air con hire units offer the most efficient option for emergency air conditioner hire. They work by using two separate units connected by up to 30 metres of water hose. The indoor unit uses chilled water to cool and distribute the conditioned air in the room, while the outdoor condensing unit cools the heated water back down.

The 30 metre hose means that you can cool rooms without immediate ventilation. As long as you can place the condensing unit externally to the room you’re cooling that is. The high efficiency of this type of air conditioning unit makes it an ideal choice for emergency server room applications or any other demanding situations you may encounter.

Honeywell finishedEvaporative Coolers

Sometimes portable air con hire units are not an option for providing cooling to an area. In these cases evaporative cooler hire can be the perfect alternative. Unlike portable air conditioning units these free standing mobile air coolers do not need anywhere to vent hot air to. This makes them ideal for areas with no windows or ceiling void.

This is due to the fact they work by the process of evaporation. You simply fill the unit with cold water and as this evaporates it draws heat out of the air that is moved through the unit by a fan. Follow the link to find out more about how evaporative coolers work. We have also just bolstered our evaporative cooler ranks with our new CoolSpace range! Find out more about them here.

So don’t melt while all around you are enjoying the wonderful Summer the experts are promising, contact All Seasons Hire  to see how we can help keep you cool. 


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