Swimming Pool Ready to Open Thanks to All Seasons Hire:

Swimming Pool Ready to Open Thanks to All Seasons Hire:

 All Seasons Hire was recently asked to help heat the water for a swimming pool situated in a large sports complex in Hampshire. The newly refurbished swimming complex made up of several pools holds a total of 490,000 litres of water; with the opening deadline critical the task was to heat the water to 25 degrees and completely fill the pool allowing for the internal heating pumps to take over. The water was heated using a 500kW All Seasons Hire Mobile Boiler. However to ensure that the temperature was maintained throughout the 24 hour filling process the water was recalculated from the pool via a separate heat exchanger allowing for the water to maintain a constant level. The water was heated via two independent heat exchangers situated in the MobileBoiler; this method enabled the pool to be filled without any risk of contamination allowing for the pool to be filled in line with the targeted time scale. All Seasons Commercial Director Andy Hamilton stated “whilst this project was fairly straight forward we need to ensure that the boiler set up was spot on and the configuration perfectly balanced so that we could fill the pool at the correct flow rate and temperature. Our Portable Boilers are perfect for this type of application; they are portable which allows for installation flexibility. With our wide range ofPortable Boilers we are able to provide the construction sector with this type of flexibility, the fact that the pool has been filled pre heated has saved the construction contractor 3 days additional labour”

All Seasons Hire Portable Boilers can be moved from site to site and connection to existing heating and hot water systems; the Portable Boilers can also be used in conjunction with Air Handling units for heating and drying projects. Connections are made simple by using high quality flexible hoses. Andy Hamilton stated “we also make it easy for site managers by managing all fuel requirements and the supply of fully Bunded Portable Fuel Tanks ensuring that the Boilers are always available throughout the length of the project”
All Seasons Hire can provide Portable Boilers from 100kW to 550kW; the Boilers are available in mobile, easy to tow format or Containerised. Fuel types are also variable with Oil and Natural Gas Burners. Smaller 25kW three phase electrical Portable Boilers are also available, they are perfect for under floor heating projects.
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