All Seasons Hire Provides Exam Saving Emergency Server Cooling

A famous Southern England college’s server room was recently saved from overheating by All Seasons Hire.

The data centre was mainly being used to store students work during the very busy and stressful examination period. The potential loss of this data posed a huge threat to students overall possibility of success.

coolbreeze 25 b for server room cooling blog postWith the threat of work loss very real the job’s time scale was extremely critical. Following the initial phone call one of our experienced technical sales engineers was on the scene within the hour. Further to that, within 4 hours of the initial call being received, All Seasons Hire had installed and commissioned 3 Coolbreeze 25B air conditioning units.

This air conditioning unit provides 25,000 BTHU’s of air conditioning power and is ideal when cooling is required in demanding settings such as server rooms. We combine the quality of our units with agreed response times for key critical sites to provide peace of mind for some of the largest national companies in the country.

For more information on our contingency planning service check out our blog post on chiller contingency planning or contact us.

Written by Ryan Hill

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