All Seasons Hire Ensure Business as Usual for Soft Drinks Manufacturer

When an industry leading soft drinks manufacturer’s existing chiller system failed they turned to All Seasons Hire to provide an emergency solution.

The existing chiller system served a CO2 injection purpose. With it now malfunctioning the raised incoming water temperature caused fobbing issues during the carbonisation process. The customer said, “Due to the fact we pull our water from large holding tanks we often see incoming water temperatures above 10 °C. This isn’t just restricted to the summer either. When the water comes in warmer than 10 °C we have to slow down and sometimes even stop production. All Seasons Hire really pulled out all the stops to get the chiller on site as quickly as possible.”

Halted production means halted turnover, the need for a quick resolution was key. After carrying out a thorough site survey All Seasons Hire provided a 160 kW chiller together with a 200 kW portable water plate heat exchanger. The heat exchanger was placed downstream of the existing heat exchanger. This was due to the fact the client was keen to keep the existing system and temporary installation completely separate.

Plate heat exchanger for soft drink job blog postOne of our head engineers explained, “We would normally have disconnected the client’s chiller from their existing heat exchanger. We would then use flexible pipes to connect our temporary chiller straight into their chilled water system. However, the companies onsite maintenance engineer believed that there may be a problem with scale build up in the existing heat exchanger. In response to his concerns we provided a completely standalone unit.”

All Seasons Hire installed and commissioned the chiller within 24 hours of receiving the initial enquiry. Once the site survey was complete the equipment was delivered on a hi-ab equipped vehicle for easy installation. A full turnkey solution was provided, this included running 50 metres of electrical cable along with 80 metres of flexible water hoses. We also provided mono propylene glycol as the chilled water would be running at 3 °C through the plate heat exchanger.

As part of our complete installation packages All Seasons Hire can deliver a multitude of fittings and ancillary products. We can provide plate heat exchangers, inverter driven pump sets, flexible hoses, electrical cables, manifold sets, low loss headers and cold water boost sets.

For more information on our chiller hire packages please check out our chiller hire page or give us a call on 0800 082 8001.

Written by Ryan Hill

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