All Seasons Hire Deliver SAS Like Performance During Boiler Install

All Seasons Hire Deliver SAS Like Performance During Boiler Install

A complete temporary heating solution was recently supplied to a North Eastern army base by All Seasons Hire.

The system was needed to provide heating and hot water while a planned repair was carried out. It was delivered despite adverse conditions. The planned repair required a section of the district energy system that supplied the officer’s mess to be switched off.

In conjunction with the existing HVAC supply company All Seasons Hire decided a 750 kW boiler package, which consists of a 500 kW and 250 kW boiler, would be the best solution. The client required a simple as possible installation process so All Seasons Hire provided a full turnkey solution.

This consisted of the provision and installation of all pipework, pumps, expansion systems, pressurisation units and a plate heat exchange system for the supply of domestic hot water. This type of installation really does require little to no input from the client. This then allows them to continue operating as normally as they can resulting in minimal detrimental business impact.

500kW Boiler Interior

When All Seasons Hire attended the scene a problem soon arose in the form of saturated ground. Thanks to the recent terrible weather conditions the field that backed on to the officer’s mess had turned from a solid base to a bog. This meant that the trailer carrying the boilers couldn’t reach the installation location.

Undeterred the team called upon the assistance of a 4 wheel drive telescopic handler that could deal with the boggy conditions and position the boilers where required. This quick thinking resulted in a minimal installation delay which then meant the officer’s mess could be operational as soon as possible. Of course, minimal delay is something that is important no matter who the client is.

It was at this point that one of the officers, impressed with the quick thinking and speed of installation, stated that All Seasons Hire are “the SAS of the HVAC world.”

When asked why he explained that, “it’s because you don’t mess around, you get in, do the job no matter what it takes and get out.”

Post installation the client communicated that the provided temporary solution was more effective than the existing permanent chlorifier and water tank installation. Water was being heated more quickly and to a higher temperature as it was required. This was despite concerns from the client’s current HVAC supplier that the plate heat exchange system would not be able to fulfill the sites on demand requirements.

This is a concern that is often voiced by clients with a heavy on demand requirement.These worries are almost always unfounded though as this example shows. All Seasons Hire’s more compact solutions can perform just as well, if not better, than far more cumbersome existing installations.

If you are looking for a bespoke temporary heating solution that will be delivered with SAS efficiency contact us or give us a call on 0800 082 8001.

Written by Ryan Hill

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