Bespoke Pump House Assembly Process

The All Seasons Hire boiler assembly plant enables us to not only manufacture our own boiler units but also provide bespoke ancillary products. Read on for details of a recently built custom pump house.

The customer had requested a fully comprehensive containerised pump house, to include not only a twin headed pump but also a full pressurisation system, dirt separator and heat exchanger.

Our development team were briefed on the customers requirements and began work on designing the bespoke pump house. What follows is an account of the assembly process for the final design.
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Build Process

First step in the assembly of the pump station is getting the main components delivered to our manufacturing plant at our head office in Andover, Hampshire. This includes the twin head pump itself as well as the pressurisation unit, dirt separator, 1.2MW plate heat exchanger and two expansion vessels.

Next the 10ft shipping container that will house all the equipment is ordered. Whilst awaiting delivery of the container the frame for the twin head pump is constructed by one of our on-site welders from steel hollow section.

Once the container has been delivered the components can be positioned. First the two 500 litre expansion vessels and dirt separator are manually lifted into place, then the twin head pump and heat exchanger are positioned using a fork lift truck. Finally the pressurisation unit is located at the front of the container and all of the parts are secured to the container floor.

At this point it is time to fit the pipework to connect all the parts into one system. For this the water connections are all standardised to storz alloy fittings and flexible hose is used.

The final step in the construction is the electrical works. This involves the basic wiring in of the controls for the pump and pressurisation unit with fused power supplies. In addition to the basic wiring our fully certified in-house electrician will install the alarm system. This system not only ensures that the customer is aware that the pump station is not functioning but also has a safety cut-off. In the event of a loss of power or a water pressure issue the system will automatically cut-off whilst an audible alarm will sound and a warning light on top of the container will flash. As an out of hours precaution the alarm system is fitted with a GSM communication device that will send notification of a problem via text message to both the customer and to All Seasons Hire. Meanwhile if power or pressure is restored to the unit the system will automatically reset.

All Seasons Hire have the expertise and ability to provide custom built ancillary equipment to create the ideal heating or cooling package for your application. For more information on this service please contact us and we will put you in touch with our technical design team.

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