Portable Air Conditioning for an IT Suite Refurbishment Provided by All Seasons Hire

Portable Air Conditioning for an IT Suite Refurbishment Provided by All Seasons Hire

All Seasons Hire have supplied a temporary chiller to provide air conditioning to an IT suite whilst the existing system is being refurbished.

A building contractor was recently awarded a major building refurbishment project for an IT company; they soon realised that temporary Air Conditioning would be required whilst the buildings existing Water Chillers were removed and replaced.

The Air Conditioning Chillers were situated on the roof in a re-cessed well area and after a site survey by All Seasons Hire it was decided that the only practical temporary connection points for a Portable Chiller was in the roof area by the existing plant.

The Portable Chiller pipe work had to be run 20 mtrs up the side of the building then a further 15 mtrs across a pitched roof and into the Chiller well.

All Seasons Hire provided a full turn key Temporary Chiller installation to the client including the supply of the scaffolding, a cherry picker and all the required connections into the clients existing Air Conditioning system.

“The client asked All Seasons Hire to complete the job within one hour of the old Air Conditioning Chiller being disconnected to the temporary equipment being on line so a test run was carried out prior to the work commencing”.

All Seasons Hire supplied and installed a 320kW Trane Hire Chiller for the project and ran 4” Chiller pipe work.

The site also required power so a 350Kva generator was also supplied together with cables and distribution both to the Air Conditioning Chiller and into the building.

All Seasons Hire has an extensive range of Products for Hire including:

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