Major Parcel Hub at Heathrow Requires Temporary Gas Heating

As you can imagine the mail and parcel hubs at Heathrow are always busy but there are certain times of year when the workload increases to such a point that extra space is required to cope with the additional capacity.   An extra site is then added and that site requires temporary heating.

For the last 3 years All Seasons Hire have been supplying the hub with heaters to keep the staff warm through those busy periods.

Heating is required around the clock, 24/7, the site was surveyed and it was determined  5 x GP105’s were required. The heaters were strategically placed to enable the heat to evenly cover the large area. The GP105 was chosen for it’s ability to supply a high duty of heat without the requirement of being located in an outdoor area. Due to the large, well ventilated nature of these temporary warehouses these direct heaters can be utilised safely with no danger of a buildup of fumes.

Heathrow twin pic

A complete fuel management service was put in place, with fuel to feed the heaters delivered on a daily basis from Monday through to Friday. The system being checked and cylinders changed on a daily basis, including weekends, an engineer being on call ready to be onsite within a couple of hours to cover any problems which might occur.

As the critical period diminished a six bottle connection system was set up which enabled call times and deliveries to be cut down making cost savings to the client.

Heater Montage

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