New Evaporative Cooler Launched

Ahead of this year’s cooling season All Seasons Hire are launching a new evaporative cooler, the Comcool, adding to the already extensive range.

Offering new capabilities to the hire fleet the Comcool is designed to provide cooling at head height to enhance the cooling effect making it perfectly suited for use at events.

Front - WebThe Comcool is a mid-range evaporative cooler providing roughly 20kW equivalent of cooling. These style units utilise the process of evaporation to reduce the air temperature as it passes through the cooler. A fan, in the case providing airflow of 5165m³ per hour, draws air into the machine. As this hot air is drawn in at the rear of the unit it passes through the cooling media which is a water soaked honeycombe. The water in the cooling media is evaporated into the air which removes heat energy, the fan then blows this cooled air out of the front of the unit.


The Comcool has a number of features that make it stand out from the crowd:

  • Mains water feed or 90 litre tank
  • Multiple fan speeds
  • Tank purge system
  • low electrical consumption
  • Cable pocket
  • Raised height air outlet

To view the full specification sheets for the Comcool evaporative cooler please visit the product page on our website: Comcool Evaporative Cooler 
Comcool - Controls, Connections & Pump

Keep an eye out for further announcements on our evaporative cooler offerings.

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