Heating Provided For Concept Car Launch

Heating Provided For Concept Car Launch

A world leading vehicle manufacturer required a unique heating solution for a recent event.

All Seasons Hire were contacted by an events management company who were working for a top end global vehicle brand. A marquee was being used to house the market launch of a new concept vehicle. It was attended by UK dealership representatives, VIP customers and journalists. 

Due to the prestigious nature of the event and the setup of the marquee a normal heating solution was not ideal. After an expert site survey our team of engineers decided on a novel method of meeting the jobs unique requirements.

We provided 2 x 150kW indirect fired heaters, plenty of ductwork and a couple of air handlers. To prevent the air handlers becoming an eye sore on the main structural wall ductwork was installed a slightly different way. It went from the heaters, under the marquees floor and then connected to two air handlers that were better hidden from view.

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Running ducting under flooring is notoriously difficult to do and often results in problems in permanent structures. This is normally down to ducting collapsing or contaminants entering the system over time. However, due to the temporary nature of the marquee it was relatively easy to run enough ducting under the flooring to service both air handlers safely and efficiently.

This really was an ideal solution for everyone. The attendees were kept warm and the hosts didn’t have to worry about the air handlers affecting their carefully decorated set up.

This is yet another example of All Seasons Hire’s ability to respond to non-standard problems and ensure business as usual.

If you’re looking for marquee heating yourself you can drop us an email to info@allseasonshire.com or give us a call on 0800 082 8001.

Written by Ryan Hill

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