End of Year Shout for Help

All Seasons Hire received a cry for help from Leicester University in late 2014, the site were experiencing serious problems with their heating and hot water supply – they needed help, and fast.

1426251732_247Our local branch responded immediately – we sent out an engineer to survey the situation, assess the problem and determine the actions required to get the Universities services back up and running as quickly as possible.

On close inspection It appeared an underground return pipe had split and was losing water quicker than the mains water could make up. The decision was made to isolate the problem area, and install temporary boilers until the faulty pipework could be replaced.

1426249754_193The engineers’ survey determined that 2 x 500 kW boilers were required to get the system back up and running. The boilers, generator and ancillary equipment were loaded the following morning.

The job itself was a complicated one! There was an excessive amount of pipework required and thanks to the extensive stock levels All Seasons Hire hold, we were able to deliver later that same day on New Years Eve.

The original site survey had shown that the entrance onto campus was tight so the team checked all was clear and ready for the arrival of the boilers. On arrival the team quickly positioned and started to install the system.

By 6pm the same day the installation and commissioning had been completed with 85°C water circulating around the University’s primary side of the heat exchanger and all heating and hot water services fully restored. All Seasons Hire also delivered a full fuel management system for the duration of the project.

Equipment used:
2 x 500kW Boilers
2 x 500 Oil Burners
204 Metres of Pipework
2 x 3000 ltr Fuel Tanks – Fuel Management
40 kva Generator


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