Data Centre Kept Functional During Annual Shutdown

When a major local authority’s data centre required alternative cooling during their annual shutdown All Seasons Hire were called in to deliver the perfect hire package.

If computer rooms and data centres suffer air conditioning breakdowns or require temporary shutdown for annual maintenance the implications can be catastrophic if not addressed quickly and efficiently. Modern technology requires round the clock operation but when electric hardware is in continuous use it becomes susceptible to overheating issues unless suitable precautions are taken.

The air conditioning system cooling this major data centre was due for its annual service so following a site visit by All Seasons Hire a detailed plan was set in place to provide the perfect temporary solution. The shutdown was planned over a weekend, giving the servicing engineers a 48 hour window to complete their work and during this time it was imperative that critical servers were kept online.

Two 300kw Chillers along with four Air Handling Units, generators and eight Dehumidifiers were installed, the chilled air was ducted into the building and linked into the existing air conditioning system. Cool air was driven under the floor and up through vents to allow the IT system to keep cool and running efficiently. Experienced engineers were on site throughout the whole period to ensure that temperature and (humidity, which was required to be maintained at 40° + or – 10° ) were kept at a constant, eliminating the potential risk of overheating and shutdown of the IT system.

The temporary solution installed by All Seasons Hire was extremely effective, eliminating all potential risk of the shutdown to the IT system and enabled the client to carry on their business while ensuring annual maintenance could be completed safely and on time.

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