Exclusive Cool-Space Evaporative Cooler Range Unveiled

All Seasons Hire have secured exclusivity to supply the Cool-Space range of evaporative coolers within the UK.

Conceived and manufactured in the USA Cool-Space have been refining their design for the evaporative cooler since 1998. Their aim was to create an evaporative cooler with the ability to deliver great temperature drops even in high humidity climates whilst also reducing the electrical usage.

Their emphasis on continually refining the design has resulted in a comprehensive selection of units ideally suited for use in the hire industry.


Aircraft Hangar Cooling


The extensive feature list of the Cool-Space range includes:

  • Four standard fan sizes: 30cm, 45cm, 90cm & 122cm units with variable speed or 2 speed; providing cooling for areas from 50m² to 425m²
  • Tough, UV resistant, durable roto-moulded polyethylene housing
  • Edge coated, 20cm thick cooling media for durability and performance
  • 33% more cooling surface than the standard 15cm media
  • Protective surface extends media life, reducing maintenance needs
  • Large, built-in reservoirs for up to 8 hours of standalone use
  • Equipped with automatic low water shut off pump
  • Drain plug on all models for easy water removal
  • Swivel, locking castors for easy maneuverability
  • Standard electrical outlet and a garden hose or portable supply tank are the only requirements for use
  • UL, ETL and CE approved


Evap championshipsThe Cool-Space range of evaporative coolers represent a new product in the UK able to provide cooling to areas that would have been prohibitively expensive to air condition previously.

The largest unit available, the Cool-Space Blizzard stands at over two metres tall with a maximum airflow of over 32,000 m³ per hour from it’s huge 48′ fan.

All this means that a single unit can be used to cool an area of 425m², that’s over two full size tennis courts.





For full details on the Cool-Space equipment as well as full specifications of the individual units please visit the Cool-Space Range page on our website.


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