Chilled Water Fan Coil Maintenance Sheet

Chilled Water Fan Coil Maintenance Sheet

The fan coil module must be serviced at least once per annum, failure to carry out this procedure will result in equipment failure, a service guideline is below for service personnel, all service work must be carried out by qualified service technicians.

1.    The return air filter can be washed with water, remove from the front louvre panel before this is carried out.

2.    The condition of the supply fan must be checked and cleaned as required, please make sure that the electrical power is switched off prior to any works being carried out.

3.    To clean the water coil first remove the two retaining screws holding the front top control panel, remove all fixing screws to gain access to the coil and drip tray, clean coil and drip tray then re-assemble.

4.    The three way valve requires very little servicing, remove the top cover by unscrewing the retaining screw this will expose the valve and motor assembly, simply spray a lubricating liquid (WD40 or similar) to the mechanism i.e valve, shaft and wheels, also move the manual lever a few times to open and close the valve to ensure correct operation, re-assemble cover.

5.    The fan coil module has a hold off thermostat fitted which is below the control panel inside the unit this must be set to 30oC or lower to enable the unit to operate in heating mode.

6.    Condensate Pump – This pump is located in the base of the unit, to test the pump fill with water and check correct operation, this may only be tested when the electrical supply is on to the fan coil module, if the pump fails to operate when the float switch rises remove the pump and check for any debris in the sump tank make sure that the electrical supply is switched off before any work is carried out on this pump.  Note: a 3 amp fuse is fitted in line inside the control box check this has not blown if so replace with same amp fuse only.

7.    Controls Operation – Please refer to the controls section of this manual for correct operation of the different modes ie cooling and heating.

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