Biomass Site Require Temporary Heating

The construction company building this 12 acre Biomass Combined Heat and Power Plant needed the help of temporary heating to help get them through the tough highland winter.

All seasons Hire were called in to assess the situation and provide the temporary units to heat the 7 floors of the Biomass plant over the winter months prior to the plant going into operation.

Jumbo diesel 200kw’s and 42kw electric heaters were specified and delivered to site, a perfect combination using the Jumbo’s as static units while the 42kw electric heaters were the perfect choice to be moved around the 7 story buildings.

Both units have been designed to pump out vast amounts of heated air volume and have been built to a rugged design to stand the ware and tear of construction site use.

Combined Pic

Should you be requiring temporary heating on your sites through the winter please contact us and arrange a free site visit.

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