All Seasons Hire rush to the rescue!

All Seasons Hire rush to the rescue!

During recent maintenance work on the chiller plant room at a large server room in the centre of London, things started to go wrong and temperatures started rising fast!

The maintenance contractor was faced with overheating servers and potential failure due to the unexpected problems.

The maintenance work was started due to an ongoing problem where several air conditioning compressors had failed; however things really started to heat up when further failures were experienced. All Seasons Hire rushed to site and things were cooled down fast when they installed 20 water cooled 22000btu portable air conditioning pack units. Commercial Director Andy Hamilton stated “the project had gone unexpectedly wrong due to the failure of the fixed chiller units. However we were able to get to site very fast and within 2 hours we had stabilized the server room temperatures. We would normally have installed a portable chiller unit connected to air handling units but there were time and space constraints on site and so we decided to use our water cooled pack units. They are perfect for server room applications, they are water cooled split units capable of delivering 22000btu of cooling and the heat exchanger can be placed as far as 30mtrs from the indoor air conditioning unit”.

All Seasons Hire deliver a wide rang of portable air conditioning and heating solutions; their hire fleet consists of portable air conditioning units from 4kW to 10kW, portable chillers ranging from 20kw to 550kW, air handling units, portable heaters and a wide range of portable electric, oil and gas fired boilers from 22kW to 550kW. For more detail visit or call 08000828001.

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