All Seasons Hire provides Portable Boilers for Docklands Hot Water System

All Seasons Hire provides Portable Boilers for Docklands Hot Water System

All Seasons Hire was recently called on to supply a temporary Boiler solution for a large office block in London. When the Boiler Plant Room failed at the office block in docklands the building was left with no Heating or Hot Water.

With summer fast approaching The Heating system was not too much of an issue; however the building was operational twenty four hours a day and included several apartments so it was essential to get the domestic hot water back on line.
All Seasons Hire received a call from the client and within a few hours an engineer was on site to carry out a detailed survey.
The Boiler Plant Room was on the sixth floor with no external wall; also the building had no adjacent land to site a largeTemporary Boiler. The only available space was an underground car park and the Boiler Plant room itself, this ruled out the traditional option of supplying a temporary Oil or Gas Fired Boiler.
All Seasons Hire recommended the supply of three 22kW Portable Electric Boilers coupled to a domestic hot water heat exchanger.
The Portable Boiler was delivered same day, taken up to the sixth floor using the goods lift and connected into the buildings hot water system.
“Other hire companies would have struggled to resolve this issue as we are one of the only companies that Hire Portable Electric Boilers. In office blocks especially in high density areas like London, All Seasons Hire can resolve problems that other companies would have to walk away from”
The whole project was surveyed, delivered, installed and commissioned within twelve hours of the enquiry, and will be operational until a new permanent Boiler Plant Room system can be installed.
All Seasons Hire has an extensive range of Products for Hire including:
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