All Seasons Hire Provide Air Conditioning to Large Office

All Seasons Hire Provide Air Conditioning to Large Office

When during routine maintenance of the fixed Air Conditioning in a local office it was discovered that a new part was needed. However due to the age of the Air Conditioning system delivery of the spare would take a long time. All Seasons Hire was called in to provide a temporary Air Con solution. Air Conditioning was needed for office spaces spread across two floors with 20 people working on each floor, all with computers. The company were looking for a quick resolution to the rising temperatures in the offices and All Seasons Hire was able to supply and fit twenty Coolair 14 Portable Air Conditioners by the next day. These units were selected because of their suitability to the situation, with there being a hanging ceiling where the hot air could be exhausted to. Once installed the Coolair 14 Air Con units are easy to operate, marking them perfect for use in offices where people may need to adjust the settings without needing to be trained.

All Seasons Hire prides itself for reacting fast, delivering the best and most efficient Portable Air Conditioning and Heating Solutions for all types of business environment.

All seasons Hire provides Air Conditioning, Portable Chillers, Portable Boilers, Commercial Refrigeration and Heating Solutions for all types of business environments including small medium and large Events and Exhibitions, Server Room Air Conditioning, Disaster Recovery and any environment requiring Temporary Air Conditioning, Heating or Drying

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