Air Conditioning Provided for 3D Film Set

Air Conditioning Provided for 3D Film Set

A temporary air conditioning hire solution has been installed on a 3D film set by All Seasons Hire

All Seasons Hire has installed Portable Air Conditioning and Chiller Hire solutions for a world leading film Production Company currently filming a new 3D blockbuster film at one of the UK’s leading Film Studios.

The installation consists of more than 2mW of Portable Air Cooled Chillers, ranging in size and including 100kW Trane Aqua Stream 2 Heat Pump Chillers, 250kW Trane Chillers, 350kW Aqua Stream 2 Chillers and 550kW Aqua Stream 2 Heat Pump Chillers. Portable PAC 22 Portable Air Conditioners have been installed in the small office areas however the main installation is spread across several large stage areas keeping crew and actors cool during a hectic 16 week film shoot.

All Seasons Hire Managing Director Kelvin Fogwill stated: “We are all very proud to be involved in this large and exciting 3D film project; our business has grown very fast over the past three years and we are now becoming involved in several very large and prestigious projects. So far this year we have supplied large Portable Chillers for an Ice Rink at the Royal Albert Hall, we are currently supplying Portable Chillers for the production of Ice Rinks in Australia and New Zealand, we have boilers on hire in Europe and also on large projects in the UK including Town Halls and also the current building development work for the regeneration in East London. Our Chiller Hire and Boiler Hire fleet has grown significantly and we are continuing to progressively grow our client base to include all sectors of business. Our Chiller Hire Installation on the UK film set is a perfect example of our capability to deliver large, complex and very prestigious projects”.

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