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About us

We have established ourselves as one of the leading UK HVAC hire companies. Over the past seven years the business has developed a wide range of hire products and solutions capable of delivering across all business sectors....

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boiler hire

Boiler Hire

All Seasons boiler division are an experienced team that can provide heating and hot water solutions for any project.

The range includes boiler units from 100kW up to 1.2MW, with higher duties provided by combination packages.

Heater Hire

Heater Hire

All Seasons Hire have an extensive fleet of portable space heaters for hire, or sale.

The heater hire range includes: electric fan heaters, gas heaters, oil Heaters, infrared heaters and electric radiator hire. There is a portable heater available for all types of environment.

chiller hire

Chiller Hire

Chiller hire is the perfect solution for process cooling and temporary air conditioning.

Ideal for use in many situations including: extra cooling duty, planned maintenance, emergency breakdown,temporary buildings and marquees, events and ice rinks.

Air conditioning hire

Air Conditioning Hire

All Seasons air conditioning hire offers the widest and most flexible choice of portable air conditioners. Our air conditioning hire fleet is one of the largest, most modern and reliable in the industry.

Our Nationwide Team Will Deliver Flexible HVAC Solutions

  • Boilers
  • Chillers
  • Heaters
  • Air Conditioners

Boiler Hire

Mobile boiler hire is the perfect option for many applications, including: emergency breakdown, boiler replacement, planned maintenance and heating temporary buildings & marquees.

The oil and gas fired hire range starts with 100kW boilers and goes up to 1200kW single units, with combined systems available for multi-megawatt requirements. Smaller 22kW electric boilers are also available, ideal for underfloor heating applications.

At All Seasons Hire we can also manufacture boiler plants of any size, for both temporary and permanent installation. We can provide a fully bespoke boiler to your specifications as a turn-key project from design to installation.

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Chiller Hire

All Seasons Hire chillers are perfect for both process cooling and temporary air conditioning. Hire units can be connected onto existing systems or used with air handling units for a complete air conditioning package, an ideal cooling solution for marquees and other temporary structures.

The chiller hire range includes air cooled chillers from 5kW up to 580kW single units and heat pump chillers from 10kW up to 200kW. Units can be combined to provide multi-megawatt systems.

For process cooling applications low temperature chiller hire is available, with units able to cool down to -10⁰C. Low temperature chiller hire is also perfect for temporary ice rinks.

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Heater Hire

Space heaters are available for hire in a range of types, with different heaters better suited to various applications. There are also a selection of fuel options including electric, diesel oil and LPG gas. Call us now for expert advice on what unit is best for your requirement.

Heating outputs are available from 2.4kW up to 220kW from single units, with multiple units available for larger projects.

Heater types available include: electric fan heaters, oil filled radiators, infrared radiant heaters, marquee heaters, three-phase direct fired & indirect fired units. Heaters designed for building sites are also available, with 110v electrical connections.

Heater hire

Air Conditioning Hire

The All Seasons Hire air conditioning range includes exhaust tube air conditioners and water cooled split type PAC units as well as evaporative coolers and ventilation fans. Evaporative coolers offer an option for when there is no way to exhaust the hot air to the outside.

All of the portable air conditioners are powered from a single 13amp mains power socket. Units are also PAT tested before every hire to ensure electrical safety.

All Seasons Hire have one of the most extensive portable air conditioner fleets in the UK, with units ranging from 3.5kW to 10.25kW. The range includes units ideal for office cooling as well as more industrial applications.

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